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Modul led driver DC 5-35V 1W

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1. LED-1W.

2. Input range 5-35V camp after.

3. Output 350mA 20mA to drive 1-10 1W LEDs. 4. Support PWM dimming, high level off output, low level on


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The buck I mode ensures that the total voltage difference of

the LED is lower than the input power voltage 2-3V can work 6. Small volume design (36*20mm), low noise and safety features.

 Use high-efficiency, low-consumption, and stable chips to

achieve energy saving and environmental protection.

 Constant output current, low ripple. Ensure the safety and

stability of LED use Improved the light efficiency of the LED and reduce the light attenuation.

 Overload, short circuit and over current protection to ensure the

safety of power supply. 10. Wide voltage input, VIN+ is the positive input VIN- is the negative power input.

 LED+ is connected to the anode of LED, and LED- is connected

to the cathode of LED.


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